So Wednesday was a day for cleaning the house (after sleeping in of course.) After being up for awhile I couldn’t make myself be productive quite yet.. fortunately for me when Rose called to check for the plans for the night she reminded me that there was a new episode of House!

House: Survivor Edition continued this week with a shocking final result! Yes the verdict is in and the episode was a great way for House to do it on who he keeps and who he doesn’t. Of course he does this in a ture and pure House style. The above image is just my personal favorite shot I’ve found of Olivia Wilde, the cutey new ‘innocent’ girl whose been partially the voice of Cameron this season, though a voice with a spine. (whose cuter…) Well my personal favorite that’s classy and not NC-17 at least *laughs*. At any rate good times. The season is far too addicting so far and I can’t wait until next weeks. Though.. there is one thing I can wait for.. the end of this season. Waiting another 6 months will be horrible (at least at about the time this is ending BSG kicks back in. Score.)

Afternoon hit and I picked up Rose and we headed out to Oak Brook to pick up her birthday gift (happy b-day tiny).. followed that up with hitting up Houlihans at her request (where Neil took her out to do the same shopping) Chilled with Brad and Rex showed up, lil while later Giles and Rob showed up finally ending with Dan making an appearance. While Houlihans might be cheaper I do have to admit I’m a bigger fan of the Louie on Wed nights. It just seems to encourage conversation that much more. At any rate hopefully Rose had a good time as it was her day.

On Thursday I decided to actually start up my 360 for gaming and not a movie *gasps* it’s been awhile since I’ve played anything on it while I’ve been stuck doing other things and sitting in PC gaming land.
While I’ve been slacking on playing the 360 at all lately I decided before heading to the grandparents for the day I’d get some Puzzle Quest in. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to enjoy the 360 in the slightest so even a XBLA game gave some enjoyment. Oh how I need to beat Bioshock.
grandparents , puzzle, dinner
Ok I know I’ve been watching a lot of South Park as of late. While playing some games after the grandparents I needed something to zone out to. South Park Christmas special? Ok it’s a little early in the season to watch any Christmas related .. ANYTHING. However if you know what the Christmas Critters are.. how can you pass up on little furry cute woodland creatures.. who are Satanic and want to end the world? Ok the other episodes on the DVD were entertaining as well just not up to anything so wrong and evil. So Santa dies and is brought back to life in one episode and Jesus in another. They’ve done both of those concepts to death (cheap pun!)

So a pyschotic cop.. or.. crazy hick dressed as a cop going on a spree taking over an abandoned town and making it his own. It’s hard to say past that without giving it away but there are a few good things to come from it. Steven Weber was in it… which is great since he’s been in: Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Desperation, The Shining. The man’s been in *3* King movies… of course they were all B grade King movies… King movies nonetheless. I do like the self jab in the story though.. while talking about books a girl in it quoted, “I pretty much stick with Dean Koontz.” If you don’t get the humor in that I’m not going to explain it to you. I shouldn’t have to. For a B King movie it was surprisingly well done. Worth a rent at the very least. Bonus: Tommy’s Dad from Rescue Me is one of the characters in the show πŸ˜‰

Ok .. I’m now about 3/4’th of the way through Puzzle Quest.. I guess sleep just didn’t want to come right away as is becoming the norm once again. You know for the longest time I was able to sleep long hours.. now once again I’m staying up rediculously late with movies / games / going out just because I can’t sleep. Score. At least this achivement looked like an axe and not the fonz giving a thumbs up like the last one πŸ˜‰

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