Happy Birthday Sesame Street – Home of Evil


Things Aren’t What They Appear To Be

Today makes the 40th year that Sesame Street has been able to hold it’s sway over the children of our world- WITH EVIL! While for years the show has been displayed as a friendly place to live that supports the teaching of morals to children it was only a matter of time before the truth came out. While it came to light a few years ago that Bert is evil, the masses choose to ignore this. Most believed it was a cruel hoax aimed at twisted humor and defacing a positive family brand. If you choose to ignore the fact that the mastermind of the horrors that were inflicted upon the world by Hitler, Bin Laden, Saddam, and the assassination of JFK for starters you only need to delve a little further.

Evil-Sesame-Street-01To start with doesn’t it strike you funny that there are so many monsters on the show? Sure they act cute and cuddly for the audience but things that go bump in the night are NOT known to be child friendly. Would YOU trust a group of monsters to hang out with your children regardless of how friendly they acted? I don’t think so. The entire place is a breeding ground for evil! People there are REASONS children worry about monsters under the bed or in their closet, they don’t want to be eaten! However, the evil of just a multitude of monsters doesn’t stop here though- it gets worse from one of the key characters on the show.

Evil-Sesame-Street-05Aside from the sparkly happy go lucky wanna be vampires that have sprung up in Twilight as of late when have you ever heard of these examples of the undead to be a positive influence on anyone, kids aside? Keeping in mind that “good” vampires are new why would trust the children with a vamp whose name is The Count? Hello? Dracula? The accepted oldest badass of the fanged nation has always had a way of appearing smooth in a noble way, do you think that just went away? Clearly this has become a ploy for him to get ‘fresh’ blood in the purest form possible. What can taste sweeter to a vampire over the blood of an innocent? A child is the perfect example of innocence which leads me to the ultimate deal with the devil that the Sesame Street franchise has made to date.

Evil-Sesame-Street-04While some would think that Elmo is a source of evil for the masses this picture is proof that he is only a puppet for a far greater evil. One that has been known both in Hollywood and a demon who used the mythos to exist in our world. A bringer of nightmares who uses them to consume his pray. What better joke on the innocent children he loves to kill then to use a program beloved by all to spread his message of terror onto Elm Streets everywhere? What better character to use to inflict the hearts and minds of these Children but Elmo- the one they have all come to love and adore?

Evil-Sesame-Street-02Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, in order to secure their place in history as the breeding ground of horror, Sesame Street has welcomed Freddy Kruger into their home. While Bert could have been thought of as pure evil for his past plans no one could have expected him to willing offer the ‘family show’ he runs to be the new gateway for a serial killing demon to jump into our world. Now Freddy has the ability to inflect nightmare not just on every Elm Street in the land but to every child who has been a fan of this ‘moral’ and ‘educational’ show over the years. TV programming at it’s finest when the all mighty dollar is used to spread terror and death to the innocent.

I beseech you one and all when you want to find quality programming for your children, research what they are going to be watching. Do you really want this form of corruption and murder to reach into their hearts and minds? Are they really prepared to be able to handle Bert’s maniacal influence over the world? Hide from the horde of monsters who are constantly searching for them? Have the strength of will to reduce the seduction of an ancient vampire? Have the ability to properly protect themselves in their dreams from one of the ultimate forms of evil? When you are deciding on what they can watch, please, think of the children before you turn on Sesame Street for them.

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