Twerbose – Expanding Your Tweet Length

Twerbose – When 140 Characters Just Aren’t Enough

Twerbose just has a great name, merging the ideas of the 140 character limit with users of the service who are a bit ‘verbose.” If you are one of the many people who run into a problem with the 140 character limit and need just a bit more this could be the service for you. Once upon a time we could rely on IMs, e-mail, etc in order to converse back and forth with people but I’ll be honest I’ve met quite a few people who I do not know or speak with outside of Twitter. Constantly I’ve had to rephrase or send multiple tweets to get an idea to someone. Twerbose is the solution to having this problem.

Basically it will display the start of your over sized message with the equivalent of a “more” link at the end that will take you to the user’s Twerbose account that shows the full message in question. On the full message you are able to respond, comment, etc. Some people really don’t seem to get it though as a few of the examples looked like blog posts! If you feel inconvenienced by the 140 character limit Twerbose is a great tool to get around it. Actually thinking of it for the blog posts. I’ll have to re-browse the Twitter wordpress plugins out there- having an option to display your recent tweets in this format would be a plus.

Task Mate – Collaborative or Personal Task Management

Task Mate – Easy Project Management Online

Task Mate is a simple, yet effective online tool to keep track of your tasks. Not only are you able to use this tool to keep your personal tasks organized but also those that you work on with others.

You are able to both control and monitor your tasks. You are able to have the application focus on single tasks or view them all at the same time in order to make sure your progression is working at the pace that you want it to be.

Task Mate Features

    – Easily create, manage and assign tasks.
    – Track estimated time against actual time taken.
    – Personal dashboard communicates the status of your projects.
    – Simple drag and drop interface for managing tasks.
    – Hosted on our secure, backed up and reliable web servers.
    – Quick to set up.

Task Mate Pricing

The only downside to this application is that anything past the base option isn’t free. The free version does allow for 5 projects to be running at a time however offers no file sharing space for collaborative projects. Each tier above that allows for more space and open projects up to the “Platinum” level which is unlimited projects and 50GB. However if that isn’t an issue than this is an easy to use and effective project management solution online- Task Mate should be one of the first options you take a look at.

TweetBots – Simple, Easy to Use Twitter-Bot Actions

TweetBots – Helping To Make Twitter Users Lazy Since 2009

TweetBots while having some of the standard features of Twitter services has a good combination of them and also an interesting way to allow multiple users use a single account without having to give away the login for that account.

There Are Currently 3 Main Features To TweetBots

– The first of these 3 is the selling point (assuming this wasn’t free) of the service. It has a unique way that will allow you to have multiple people send messages from an account via a bot that has allows accounts enabled. You create your bot account and setup other Twitter users to have access to it. Once this access is enabled any direct message which they send to this account will allow the bot to post a Tweet to post to the account. It’s a great way to allow multiple users to post on a Twitter account without allowing them all to have the login credentials to it.

– The second feature is a pretty standard feature that has been popping up on Twitter services as of late. It is one that lets you set your account to automatically follow anyone that follows you. It’s great for follow-action but does make you have to worry about people who are just looking for others to have more followers as well. If you want to expand your audience it’s a good way to thank those who follow you, though not a feature I’ve ever been that large of a fan of.

– Finally the service allows you to tweet your RSS feeds to your Twitter account. Does this feature sound familiar? I spoke of a similar service just two days ago called FeedNest.

If your looking to have any or a combination of these services, TweetBots is a great web service that allows you to do so.

Tweet O’Clock – Check When To Tweet Someone

Tweet O’Clock, Find Out When It’s Best To Tweet Someone

Tweet O’Clock is a good tool for knowing when is the best time to try and contact someone on Twitter. There is no ‘online status’ that shows when users are and aren’t online so the only way to really ‘guess’ on when a user can be contacted is to go by their past times of tweets.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree that going through the last 3-5 or more days of tweets from a single person sounds absolutely fantastic and the perfect way to spend time trying to see when someone will be more likely to be online right? Of course not. That’s where Tweet O’Clock comes in. All you need to do is enter the Twitter user name of the person you are looking into contacting and it will display the time(s) that you’ll more likely be able to contact them.

I compared my 2 accounts as well as a few others. Apparently I’m most likely to be on Twitter at 9am on Wednesday. That’s a bit unexpected. So if your looking to contact someone on Twitter and are looking for the most likely time to catch them on- Tweet O’Clock will provide the answer.

Blogrollx – Link Exchanges made Easy

Blogrollx lets you exchange links with other blogs easily

Blogrollx is a free service that helps to put bloggers together to increase substantial links within their own areas of interest. It’s honestly the most straight forward way to exchange blogroll links that I have seen so far on a larger scale. Once you sign up you only need to show what type of blog as well as what type of blogs you want to network with- niche, page rank, etc.

After registering on the site there are no fees that need to be worried about or forced link exchanges that you need to participate in. In fact all of it is voluntary. They will allow you to network with other blog writers and it is a mutual choice on if links will be exchanged or not. Once you find other bloggers in your niche you are set on starting to offer exchanges between them. It’s a great service and if you are looking for other bloggers to trade links with I suggest signing up to Blogrollx today.

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