There’s been a lot of Zombie related stuff passing through my BuyZombie e-mail as of late that has just been heads up on neat stuff!

To start with there is a lego building convention every year called BrickCon which had a Zombie theme this year. I was originally linked to The Brother’s Brick page to find out all of the details on it and WOW .. you just need to check out their flickr set of Zombie Apocafest 2008 for all of the pictures! Awesome! I commend all of the people who still have time to creatively play with toys since, well, I don’t. There really are a ton of well done sets there and I highly suggest checking out the entire flickr gallery.

Onto other things, this is one I did post about but I thought was creative enough to share. Being the season of horror (or pumpkin eating, or candy gorging, or..) what better way to share the spirit of season online than with an ecard? Let’s face it we’re all lazy. This one is with a twist though as it is a zcard! You can actually have it show a picture of whoever (you, the friend your sending it to, a mutual friend, whoever! be creative!) being eaten by a zombie in a fun little animation. It’s worth checking out over here if interested.

Apparently the Colbert Report had a special on the top 5 dangers to the United States.. and you just KNOW what made #1 on the list. (*Deep breath* I hate Hulu. I hate Hulu. I hate Hulu. Why isn’t this streamed somewhere else?) Awesome watch after the ads and buffering 😉

What post is complete without a LOL cat?

My inbox at BZ is far too fun sometimes.

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