Review: Mellanni Striped Bed Sheet Set


I’ve used a variety of styled of sheets over the years though this is the first time I’ve had a chance to try brushed microfiber. Right off the bat the idea of being hypoallergenic as well as being stain, wrinkle, and fade resistant sounded pretty amazing. With 2 kids and a dog on the loose in our house the beds can take a beating from being slept on, napped on, jumped on, and curled up in a ball of fur on. Anything that can claim to handle most of those issues always sounds good so it was time to put them on and jump on it….

… Speaking of jumping into them was there a downside with all of those plusses? I can honestly say that there was not! It has feel of cotton and are just straight up comfortable. They are warm enough to keep my wife happy and not too warm to make me feel like I’m burning up while under them, and did I mention comfortable? Because they are…. Even the dog things as she’s been trying to burrow into our bed even more than usual since these have been on.

They’ve only gone through the wash one time so far but I haven’t seen any problems after the fact. No tearing, strange creases, or damage of any kind and just as comfortable after.

Disclaimer: I did receive a sample of these sheets in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Review: Best Grandma Ever Coffee Mug!


With Mother’s Day quickly approaching it was time to hunt for a gift for my mother… Specifically one that would also reflect the fact that she now has 2 grandchildren! Mixing her love of grandchildren and coffee (or was it grandchildren after coffee?) it seemed that a coffee mug was the perfect way to go. Easy to clean, something we all know how to use, and always a gentle reminder of the two crazy children she gets to help watch now and than seems to be the perfect mother’s day present if you ask me!

Now those wonderful first cups of coffee for the day can have the added reminder of two little monsters that truly put a smile on her face, and when they don’t we all know that the coffee will.

Available at Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received a sample product in exchange for my honest opinion.

Review: ‘Best Boss Ever’ Mug


Do you have a boss in your life that either you love or need to suck up to? Are you a boss that is just awesome and want to make sure that everyone knows it? If you answered yes to either of these questions, chances are that said boss also drinks coffee because to be in charge you need to be awake and we all know that there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get enough sleep. That’s where this coffee mug comes in.

Simple, stylish, and makes a statement about being the “Best Boss Ever” this 13 oz glass will leave them smiling as they drink their caffeinated beverage of choice.

The perfect for Boss’s Day (in October, exact day changes yearly) or just because… You can’t go wrong with this one! Not only is it the perfect gift but it comes packaged ready to be gifted! Just slap some wrapping around the box and you’re good to go.

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this mug in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Review: Armbeats CS-500


So the Armbeats CS 500 aren’t an easy pair of headphones to review. There are some areas where they are absolutely fantastic and everything you could ask for and more! However, there are also some area where they really just fall to the side and make you cringe a little.

First off I’m going to start by saying that the ‘majority’ of my music listening as of late has been through wireless headphones so initially putting them on and starting a streaming station put a smile on my face. The volume was amazing, the bass was better than most of the pairs I’ve tried recently, the quality was just what I was hoping for. Switching over to some mp3s and various music I’ve downloaded from Amazon and whatnot and the same smile was on my face.

The problem though was when I switched to some of the lossless files that I have, some of the CD’s I still listen to, or even anything with subtle bass and there are issues. You can tell there was some suffering here right off the bat. For lower quality files or something where the bass boost won’t be a problem these are great, for anything else, not so much.

So when you are thinking about picking these up, if you are just going for downloaded or streaming music I don’t think you’ll have any complaints at all and should really enjoy them. If you are an audiophile or just love HD music you are going to want to pass on these. Of course, if that is what you’re into you probably weren’t looking at these anyway.

Moving forward onto the comfort level. Sitting around and walking these are 110% comfortable and I had no issues. Going for a run though they seemed to not want to stay in that great. I tried the various tips included with them and that didn’t change things too much.

The microphone which I am almost adding in as an afterthought was fine. No issues with wind but nothing special. Hey, it worked though so there’s that!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of these in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Review: Mpow MLens V1 Professional Clip-on Lens Kit 180 Degree Fisheye + 0.36x Wide Angle Lens


I’ve used clip ons on my S5 which didn’t quite fit my S6 edge so when I had a chance to try out new lenses I jumped on it! I previously had a wide angle but being able to add in a Fisheye and a Macro lens was something that I just couldn’t pass on.

I’ll start with the wide angle as it was the one I’ve previously had experience with and it just blows away both the camera’s default panaramic as well as what I’ve previously used. The range on it really is amazing.

The fisheye gives you a kind of bubble look for giving you the full 180 degrees of your object and does a great job at it.

Finally the Macro Lens is all about magnifying and the few close up shots I took where I was trying to find details on it were amazing.

The three come in a small box which is easy for both transporting them and will keep them safe while moving around. Small enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, or purse.

I was provided a free MPOW 180 degree Fisheye for test and was asked only to give my honest review.

Available at Amazon.

Review: ‘We Do Not Sow’ Shot Glass!


What’s in a shot glass? Well, aside from your alcohol of choice when you’re at home it probably has imagery of some kind on it. You’r favorite sports team, a homage to a movie or show you like, a dumb quote that five years from now you’ll cringe reading. In this case? The perfect image for fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ or creatures with tentacles.

As a fan of both the HBO series and the novels it is based on I had to jump on the chance of a shot glass based on the series. While I have two kiddos now so can’t celebrate its use with ‘Game of Thrones’ drinking parties where you take a shot at each death or wound (I’d be on the way to the hospital before any episode finished…), I can still say that this is a solidly designed shot glass.

Doesn’t break from an accidental small drop and is dishwasher safe is really all you can ask for. On the glass itself is House Greyjoy’s motto of “We Do Now Sow” and while most of us can’t stand the Greyjoys (does anyone really LIKE any of the non-Stark houses?) the motto is very fitting. The Ironborn survive and thrive by raiding and, pillaging.

They don’t sow, they only reap. So if you need to reap a shot of your favorite drink it seems like doing so in Ironborn style sounds like the way to go!

Disclaimer: I did receive a sample shot glass in exchange for my honest opinion.

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