I’ve used a variety of styled of sheets over the years though this is the first time I’ve had a chance to try brushed microfiber. Right off the bat the idea of being hypoallergenic as well as being stain, wrinkle, and fade resistant sounded pretty amazing. With 2 kids and a dog on the loose in our house the beds can take a beating from being slept on, napped on, jumped on, and curled up in a ball of fur on. Anything that can claim to handle most of those issues always sounds good so it was time to put them on and jump on it….

… Speaking of jumping into them was there a downside with all of those plusses? I can honestly say that there was not! It has feel of cotton and are just straight up comfortable. They are warm enough to keep my wife happy and not too warm to make me feel like I’m burning up while under them, and did I mention comfortable? Because they are…. Even the dog things as she’s been trying to burrow into our bed even more than usual since these have been on.

They’ve only gone through the wash one time so far but I haven’t seen any problems after the fact. No tearing, strange creases, or damage of any kind and just as comfortable after.

Disclaimer: I did receive a sample of these sheets in exchange for my honest opinion.

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