I Don’t Have A Twisted Sense Of Humor

I’ve had a kind of off day so I figured I needed some alcohol and a bit of randomness to relax before passing out. What is random enough to take my mind off it? Well even if I wasn’t an almost guaranteed lifelong bachelor I have no doubt that my twisted sense of humor would have fun with all of the following. I mean anyone whose slightly off has to be able to fully enjoy the madness concerning children or babies that is about to ensue in image format before your eyes. Either that or I really have lost it, whose to say?

On Babies

First up is this amazing shirt designed by Warren Ellis for his T-Shirt of the Week. I greatly regret that I will not be able to purchase this shirt due to a combination of the holiday season as well as knowing I will never have a reason to wear it. Still though: “I ate the baby that was in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast forgive me it was so delicious and so cold..” Warren Ellis truly is a genius and has such a great sense of disturbed humor that I don’t know how you can’t enjoy his weekly creations. While I’ve only purchased one to date I’ve enjoyed every single design he’s come up with. True masterpieces even if they are nothing but jokes he has with friends.


Or On Unattended Children

Earlier today while I was at work my friend Joe showed me Passive Progressive Notes and from it I found this post that shows what will happen to attended children. Personally I think it’s absolutely hilarious on how these establishments are ‘punishing’ parents who leave their children alone. Of course the alternative is foster care and I hear that breeds rapists, serial killers, and people who molest farm animals. This being the case, are these really ‘that’ bad of ideas?






So there you have it. Take a moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy the madness. *Takes a sip of cider* I know I will! At least, I will until they lock me up.

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