Review: 1byone Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones.


This set of 1byone Bluetooth Headphones may have just taken the spot of being my new all time favorite wireless headphones. The sound on these are absolutely amazing compared to the other wireless pairs I have tested out and are comfortable on top of that.

Most of the time when I get a set of headphones the first thing I have to do is plug them in before I can even think about trying them out. These showed up charged and ready to rumble! An extremely quick and easy pair to my phone (S6 Edge) and I was able to test out their quality and was very impressed.

Not only was the music coming in clearer than my previous pair but on top of that the microphone worked leaps and bounds better and paired with the sound quality they were able to deliver crisp and clear calls.

They went into my ears with absolutely no problems and were quite comfortable, that being said not everyone’s ear sizes are created equal and the 1byone’s have the most options out of the box to change between of any other set of headphones that I’ve picked up so far.

If I were to complain at all its that they stick out a little further from your head compared to other pairs I’ve had but really that isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, just something to keep in mind. I do highly suggest them though and am quite happy with these!

Available on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I did receive these headphones in exchange for my honest opinion.

“Apocalypse Wars” Starts Now! Your New Look at EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #8!

Extraordinary_X-Men_8_Cover (1)This March, the Extraordinary X-Men come face-to-face with one of their most fearsome foes. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #8 – the first chapter of the “APOCALYPSE WARS” storyline. Be there as creators Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos take you into the far flung future. Mutantkind is an endangered species once more – what better way to ensure your people make it to tomorrow – than to skip ahead right to it? As the mutant race’s last hope is jettisoned into the time stream, the Extraordinary X-Men make a startling discovery: the fate of their kind is about to fall into the hands of one of their most formidable adversaries – the immortal Apocalypse! Now, Storm and her team must race into a perilous and deadly future if they are to have any hope of reclaiming their present! Only they’re completely unaware of the horrors that await them on the other side. Be there as the flagship X-Men title kicks off a blockbuster Apocalypse tale this March in EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #8!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Connecting Variant by KEN LASHLEY (JAN160887)
Classic Variant by LARRY STROMAN (JAN160889)
Story Thus Far Variant by TODD NAUCK (JAN160888)
Women of Power Variant by LEINIL YU (JAN160890)
FOC – 02/22/16, On-Sale – 03/16/16

9 Seasons of The X-Files Mythology Explained in One Infographic

With ‘The X-Files’ revival at hand now would be a good time to catch up on all nine seasons of ‘The X-Files’. Of course lacking the time to binge watch that starting a few months back there clearly isn’t time now. So what can we do? Well if you’ve already seen the series as I have than this infographic should be an awesome refresher for you.

(Protip: The Image is clickable for a larger view!)


A decade before Lost’s mythology intrigued and annoyed us to no end, The X-Files developed an incredibly complex mythology that started off as a happy accident from Gillian Anderson’s pregnancy, and then became more and more convoluted as the years went on. Whether you’re a longtime fan who forgets some of the twists and turns of the government/alien conspiracy, or you’re a new fan who wants to be caught up before the revival, we have a (nearly) comprehensive infographic explaining the sometimes incomprehensible mythology of The X-Files.

Finally, here’s an abridged explanation of the mythology, which actually holds together better than you would expect:

The Mayans predicted that the world would end on December 21, 2012 at the hands of the alien Colonists, who planned to invade Earth and wipe out the human race. The Colonists arrived in prehistoric times and were preserved underground in the form of an evolved pathogen called the Black Oil, an alien virus that could infect humans and take control of their bodies.

The U.S. government first discovered the plan for alien invasion after the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, after which they captured Colonists from the fallen spacecraft and got their hands on alien technology, learning of the plan through the spacecraft’s data banks. A secret organization called the Syndicate, which included the Cigarette-Smoking Man and Bill Mulder, formed within the State Department to combat the impending invasion, but later became its own “black ops” entity of the government. The Syndicate, who originally believed that the aliens would only take control of human bodies, decided to outwardly cooperate with the Colonists, while secretly working to create an alien/hybrid race from a Colonist fetus that would be immune to the Black Oil.

When Fox Mulder was twelve years old, the Syndicate who originally believed that the aliens would only take control of human bodies, decided to outwardly cooperate with the Colonists, while secretly working on a plan to save the human race. They would each sacrifice a family member or loved one to the Colonists to be experimented on in exchange for an alien fetus, which would allow them to create an alien/hybrid race that would be immune to the Black Oil. Mulder’s parents chose him to give to the Colonists, but instead the aliens took his eight-year-old sister, Samantha, because they needed a young girl for their experiments.

Samantha was taken to a government cloning program, which created proper Samantha clones and mindless Samantha drones who were the same age as Mulder’s sister when she was abducted, all of whom were killed by the alien bounty hunter. The drones worked on a bee farm, as the Colonists planned to disseminate the alien virus using aggressive Africanized bees who fed on corn pollen genetically engineered to carry the virus. The real Samantha was experimented on by the aliens and returned shortly after, and then was subject to invasive hybrid experiments at the hands of CSM until she ran away and was granted a peaceful death by the supernatural creatures called Walk-Ins, who save children doomed to live painful lives.

Scully was abducted at the hands of the government conspiracy, and her ova were taken for the hybrid experiments. Her biological daughter, Emily, was an alien hybrid who died prematurely. CSM’s ex-wife Cassandra Spender, who was sacrificed to the aliens with Samantha, later became the first successful alien hybrid. The Syndicate was in the process of handing Cassandra over to the Colonists, which would have triggered Colonization early, when all of them, Cassandra included, were destroyed at the hands of faceless alien rebels who opposed Colonization.

Following the destruction of the Syndicate and the alien hybrid, the Colonists sent super-soldiers, alien replacements who looked human created with a mutated version of the Black Oil, which can now gestate alien creatures, killing the human host. Mulder is nearly turned into a super-soldier when he is abducted by aliens, but is saved in the nick of time. Mulder and Scully’s son, William, is the first organically born super-soldier, created from an egg that was mutated during Scully’s abduction. The super-soldiers infiltrated the U.S. government and worked to prevent any human attempts to survive colonization.

As of the series finale, Colonization is still set to occur on December 21, 2012.

Via: Outer Places.

Unlock the Secrets – Your First Look at AVENGERS STANDOFF: WELCOME TO PLEASANT HILL #1!

The prelude to the Spring’s blockbuster Avengers event is here! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside AVENGERS STANDOFF: WELCOME TO PLEASANT HILL #1, from fan-favorite creators Nick Spencer (Steve Rogers: Captain America, Sam Wilson: Captain America, Astonishing Ant-Man) and Mark Bagley (All-New X-Men)! From the outside, it looks like the perfect small-town community. But underneath the surface, Pleasant Hill has its fair share of secrets. Pleasant Hill is the kind of place where folks look out for each other. Where everyone knows who their neighbors are. But who are you, friend? And what are you doing in Pleasant Hill? The mystery begins this February in AVENGERS STANDOFF: WELCOME TO PLEASANT HILL #1!

Variant Covers by SKOTTIE YOUNG (DEC150729) and MATT RHODES (DEC150730)
Hip-Hop Variant by ANDREW ROBINSON (DEC150731)
FOC – 1/25/16, On-Sale – 02/17/16

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN & SILK: THE SPIDER(FLY) EFFECT #1 – The Newest Marvel Infinite Comic Available Now!


Spider-Man and Silk aren’t necessarily getting along right now, but that won’t stop them from having to work together when they’re accidentally thrown back in time to just before they got their powers! And you can experience the first chapter of that all-new adventure TODAY! Marvel is pleased to present your first look at THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN & SILK: THE SPIDER(FLY) EFFECT #1 – the newest Marvel Infinite Comic Series!

Now Via the Marvel Comics Digital Shop

Specially designed and optimized for mobile devices, Marvel Infinite Comics push the boundaries of what’s possible with digital comics. Taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Marvel Infinite Comics showcase the new storytelling possibilities of a digital canvas while still staying true to the medium’s greatest strengths! Fan-favorite creators Robbie Thompson (Silk, Venom: Spaceknight) and artist Todd Nauck (Nightcrawler, Amazing Spider-Man) weave a tale of the Amazing Anachronistic Arachnids!

Can they get along without irreparably altering the space-time continuum? What will happen when Peter comes face-to-face with his long lost Uncle Ben? Can they make it back to the present day WITHOUT wiping out their own powers forever? One thing is for certain – the Marvel Universe’s past is about to get a double dose of webslingers!

Available right at your fingertips THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN & SILK: THE SPIDER(FLY) EFFECT #1 is available now on the Marvel Comics app (for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch® & AndroidTM devices) and online in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop!

On-Sale Now!

My Latest Short Is Out In ‘Corpus Deluxe Undead Tales of Terror’!

corpus-deluxeI was just notified that the latest anthology I am featured in has been released! Well, in paperback at least. I believe that the digital copy has been floating around for a bit.
In ‘Corpus Deluxe Undead Tales of Terror’ you’ll be able to read my work “Lucky Chucky”. This one loosely fits into the upcoming novel that I’m writing as a very minor prologue of one of the chapters.

If 18 tales of undead aren’t enough to capture your attention and get you into the festive holiday spirit I just don’t know what is! 😉

Explore the true meaning of horror through these eighteen undead tales of terror, each written by new and veteran storytellers brought to you by Indie Authors Press. PLUS an excerpt from BLOOD OF NYX, by Druscilla Morgan and Roy C. Booth!

You can order your copy today from Amazon!