End Of The Week Roundup: 10/21/11

Wow. Back from being married and the honeymoon! I have to say that I absolutely love having Leah as my wife. The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy with trying to get a LOT done that has been being put off with wedding planning.


  • We got back from the honeymoon, Cathy picked us up, we picked up the Ali Monster and have been adjusting to 45 degrees from 85 degrees
  • Leah and I sorted all of our wedding presents
  • Started to put everything away, need to make some changes in the house to fit everything properly

Wedding Stuff

  • We have returned from the honeymoon
  • Holy wow were there a lot of presents we still had to go through!
  • Once I have more photos I’ll do up a full post of the wedding and another for the honeymoon



  • Watched Staunton Hill
  • Watched Secretariat
  • Watched Green Lantern
  • Watched Piranha 3D
  • Read Vacation by: Matthew Costello
  • Read Grim Reaper: End of Days by: Steve Alten

My Writing

  • 10 days from now if I want to submit to an anthology I have to have a story I’m really liking finished, edited, and sent in. Ideally I will be able to get most of it done this weekend while Leah is at work

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