Leah and I are very fortunate to have gotten married when and where we did. Apparently Montefiori is closing it’s doors as of December 1st. This comes to a surprise by many (including people who have the location booked through 2012.) As ridiculous as this seems according to the Chicago Sun Times everyone was just notified and they are trying to figure out how to refund people who made down payments.

When we were checking out places to get married Montefiori was the first place on our list. It’s the first place we went to just by ourselves without either of our parents with us and we fell in love. It was past the ideal season yet we could already tell it was beautiful. We went back in the Spring after we had decided to book it and were amazed with how wonderful it truly was there. It was going to be perfect fantasy location for our special day and it really was perfect.

Our wedding was 110% perfect and I feel bad for everyone who isn’t able to have their wedding there now. I feel bad for the financial part of course but honestly the worst part I feel about is that no one will be able to have such an amazing experience there again. It may be possible that someone else will end up buying it and setting it up again but it’s just… amazing that it closed down. It felt very well run and the entire experience seemed easy. We really never had any impression that they were having financial problems.

Oh well. RIP Montefiori. You were perfect for our wedding. Thanks for not ninja-closing before this last October!

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