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Jennifer’s Body and True Blood’s Promo Posters

Now I have absolutely no idea how I’ve missed the overkill of commentary that must have happened when the promo poster for Jennifer’s Body hit the Internet. This must have been such a joke when it hit the web and I really have no idea how I missed it. I must have been in a coma that week because the above image really says it all. I feel bad about missing this one because the commentary must have been priceless.

In all honesty how could their marketing department could have missed such a disgustingly similarity between the two. If they didn’t did they think it would be a nod to the franchise? That fans of the show wouldn’t notice? Were they drunk and on a coke binge and had this great idea at 4am? I’m really not sure. I’m just kind of shocked to the point where I am almost stupidly entertained that this happened in the first place. Thank you for making such an ‘original’ choice on marketing. I really do appreciate the laughter!