Do you know how to keep your customers happy and loyal? Good customer service.

I’ve had AT&T since Leah and I moved in together so it’s been roughly 2 years. 2 years of nearly stellar service with only one brief outage of a few hours. After nearly 2 years the our wireless gateway is starting to have issues. It’s dropping the wireless (though not wired) connections in our house for one minute at a time randomly. I did some research online and went through all of the troubleshooting that was suggested – no go. I contacted their online support and tried a few things – still no go.

So I sucked it up and called tech support.

First off for those that know me you know that I work in tech support so I know what people have to deal with. If you are lucky you talk to someone like our help desk. If you aren’t lucky you deal with someone like Comcast or a help desk outsourced to another company.

I have a stigma against high speed from years of Comcast. I used to have so many problems with their customer service (or lack thereof) over the years that I just was terrified of having to call them. If Leah is reading this she has to be shaking her head since one of my main reasons for switching to AT&T was that I didn’t have to deal with bad support.

So after the terror of calling them, with the horrors of Comcast’s past stuck in my head I waited on hold. Yes I had to wait on old – for only ten minutes. Ten minutes, that’s it. Anyone who has had to call high speed tech support knows that’s amazing. Comcast was usually a nearly 30-45 minute wait when there wasn’t an outage. Ten minutes and I was talking to someone who I calmly explained what I had done so far.

After I explained it she said I had already gone through everything they would have me try so I could either have a technician come out to try and troubleshoot or they could send a wireless gateway overnight. I wish I had called earlier in the day as it was too late for it to get here by Thursday at this point but it would be shipped tomorrow. All of this took another ten minutes.

I accomplished in 20 minutes what would have, with Comcast, probably taken an hour and a dispatch to get done.

AT&T U-Verse. Thank you for doing such a great job at customer service. I’m so glad you finally broke into the Chicago market and wish you all of the best as long as you continue to give this great service. Thank you. Thank you for not making me have to have Comcast and their horrible service and support. Thank you for including a battery backup with your service so I still have Internet when the power is out. Thank you for having nearly no outages in my area. Just thanks.

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