Does Easter Chocolate Count As Candy?

I know I know video posts seem like a cheap cop out to a real post but for those who don’t know Trick ‘r Treat is one of my favorite Halloween horror films. It’s an “anthology” film that never got to see the light of day in theaters (oh wait that’s where I saw it first… How about never got a mainstream release…) which is a shame as it’s one of the best horror films put out as of late. However it’s DVD sales were so large it looks as if the writer is going to be given a second shot as his creation of Sam. If it’s as good as the first I’ll expect an overly long return to the series until there’s 20 some out having been directed by various people until it’s ruined. That’s horror films for you though.

In the meantime he put together this wonderful little treat to celebrate Easter as only Sam could! (while enjoyable I really felt this lacked the oomph the film itself had. Maybe because Sam wasn’t following his Halloween ‘code’ on Halloween.)

At any rate, still a fun short film to watch since anything that involves “Sam” is a must see. Personally I think that they really just need to shell out some cash and give us a sequel.

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