Google IO Was Today

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Google IO was today. Their press conference of what’s going on in Google to the world I’ve got a quick summary of what I feel (as a non-developer) were the major and most interesting announcements. Not everyone will agree with this list.

The next Google OS is called Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s going to give us a new UI, a new application framework, and is going to be the OS that runs on their phones, tablets, and laptops. Bye bye Chrome OS and Honeycomb. (I don’t know why they didn’t do this to start with as full on flawless synching of everything has to be a main drive behind companies in the next few years.) The geek in me was jealous of everyone who was able to go.

Google didn’t buy Skype for 8.6 billion dollars. Microsoft did. Oh wait, that probably wasn’t announced here.

Google is delivering an admin free Chrome Frame Install. Meaning I may be able to run Chrome on thin clients at work.

A new Nexus device is coming out for the holidays. Probabyl won’t be in Verizon so I won’t care (and I’ll have a new phone before then anyway.)

Google is supposidly getting all of their carriers and OEM partners in line to actually provide new updates in a timely fashion.

The beta for Google Music launched! (I was not invited)

Fun stats: Over 100 million Android devices have been activated and over 400,000 activations are now occuring daily.

So there is a LOT going on in Google right now and we’ll be seeing a lot of changes this coming year!

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