This Week’s Top 5 Blog Posts

1. Top 10 Myths About Freelancers by: Adrian Try on Freelance Switch.
While my income obviously does not come from freelancing full time, it is helped by it. So when I saw the post title being linked around Twitter I figured that I would give it a quick read and it’s amazing how right on the money this article is. Some of those on the top 10 I actually believed before I started doing side work freelance and it really is easy to see how these myths can be viewed as the truth until your actually doing it yourself.

2. The Secret of Work-at-Home Businesses by: David Atya Shakir on Successful and Outstanding Bloggers.
This is a post that many people who are looking to start an online, or even just home, business should read, however probably won’t. If they do I can see many also not listening to the advice within either even though it is exactly what needs to be done when your trying to get started.

3. Blog or News Site by: Jeremy Schoemaker on ShoeMoney.
This is a post that I actually enjoyed reading as it reminded me on how badly I’ve slipped into leaning towards that writing style on the majority of my posts. I was tempted to stick this as #1 today though I felt the Freelancing topic was a bit more useful. Still it’s easy to fall into writing news styled posts just because they are easy to make blurbs on and that’s what I do on most of my sites. It shouldn’t be the majority of my posts here though and I’m going to have to keep that in mind.

4. Timing Is Everything In Affiliate Marketing by: Yaro Starak on Entrepreneurs Journey.
Unless you feel like being sold on something I want you to stop reading this article after the 3 points for “Why You Need To Act Fast As An Affiliate.” The article ends there and the sales pitch begins. The quick writeup though is extremely useful if you are new to Affiliate Marketing or have been doing it for awhile and making limited profits in letting you know the truth- if you are going to be doing affiliate marketing you need to get in when something is NEW. It’s a good read with a demonstration on exactly why this is true. I’ve seen so many people want to jump into affiliate marketing and don’t get that. It’s rare to have a product to sell in this area that you can sell for years. (I don’t claim to make my living off of affiliate marketing but I make no secret it’s a nice side income.)

Now for the sales pitch, don’t get me wrong- I hear nothing but good things about Yaro’s Blog Mastermind Program. In fact if I didn’t have my hands in too many things already right now I would consider taking it as I believe from everything I’ve read it’s a good course to learn from. I just don’t want anyone to think I’m directing them to a sales pitch in the Friday 5.

5. 5 Funny Things Bloggers Do To Make Their Blog Look More “Official” by:Alex Fraiser on Blogussion.
Alex put together a list of a ‘few’ things that are done by bloggers to make themselves or their blogs look more official. The great thing is that this usually happens on smaller sites trying to help make a name for themselves. I know I’ve been guilty on the first of these complaints on a couple of my niche blogs in the past. It’s a good read though and semi-entertaining at the same time if you think of a few times you’ve seen this happen in the past.