Thank You Zombies And Toys

Well with Buy Zombie I not only promote products mixed with with the news and reviews- I also promote sites and contests. Sometimes I will even go so far as th promote *gasps* the competition! Zombies and Toys is a perfect example of the competition that I will endorse! A site that constantly runs contests that I love to inform my readers on (as I am a broke, sponsor-less bastard who cannot run such contests myself.)

So how cool is it when your ‘competition’ not only sees and recognizes that you are promoting them but wants to thank you for it? You get awesome free swag that includes an ornament, a couple magnets, a couple buttons, and a thank you note that puts a smile on your face. At least that’s what happened to me and I have to say- Thank you for the thank you (and of course you’re welcome for the links / sending readers your way!)

[Note: ‘competition’ jokes aside I’ve always gotten along with the other major zombie themed news and websites out there. Each and every one of you are fun and cool people to speak with on both a personal and professional level.]

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