Dexter Season 6 Trailer

Well I for one cannot wait for season 6 to start. It’s about to come out and oh wow does this trailer look as if there is going to be a TON of interesting things happening! Not only that but ADMIRAL ADAMA IS GOING TO BE IN IT! Well, of course not as Adama but you get the idea. It looks as if it’s going to be a highly action packed season with a LOT going on (and for a nice change the trailer doesn’t make it look like Dexter is about to get caught for the 10 millionth time. A nice season without him having to worry would be a great change unless they put that as part of the finale which would be perfect.)

Oh, and massive props on the Depeche Mode cover being used in the trailer!

Dexter Season 6. Has Dexter finally seen the light? Get ready for the most rapturous season yet.

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