I was browsing a few blogs I haven’t kept up with lately and at Yoast found that three of our major search engines have acknowledged a long standing issue that caused duplicate content, and a way around it! Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have created a new tag that will allow search engines which URL to use for the page that it is viewing instead of the URL that sent them to the location.

What does this mean for you? Why to start with for better search engine optimization of course. How this really helps you is that you can help to specify exactly which page you want the search engines to see which helps keep things organized as well as helps link popularity. If you do head over to Yoast you can download plugins for WordPress, Magento, and Drupal that he has already created to help keep things organized for you!
Alternate Plug-ins
SEO No Duplicate Plugin for WordPress
Joomla 1.5 Canonical Plugin for.. Joomla obviously!

It’s still a new tag and not going to do the job 100% of the time as it is apparently just a “suggestion” for which page for search engines to use. All three of the major search engines claim that they will honor these new tags for the majority of the instances that they are used.

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