So over the past week Civin.ORG had 84 posts added to it aside from the ones that are showing as being posted this week. I bet you didn’t notice that did you? There is a reason for that! All of these are older posts that were on which was my more ‘professional‘ personal site.

I felt it was time for a change.

What I plan on slowly doing is making a few changes to Civin.ORG to make it a hub for all of my blog posts anywhere online. (Personal/Professional posts here and links offsite every Friday for any articles, reviews, and interviews that I do elsewhere.)

What I plan on doing with is basically turning it into an online business card and portfolio. It’s in a rough draft form of it currently that still has a LOT of changes that need to be made. Hell I didn’t even edit the about page which is long outdated.

Copying the posts over actually wasn’t “that” simple. You would think the export/import option would make it simple but due to some database modifications I did awhile back (Yay! I’m a moron!) and differences in Permalink structures I couldn’t just export/import the old posts. What I ended up having to do was re-download/upload each image from the 84 posts, copy/paste the posts, AND setup a 301 re-direct from EACH of the old posts to the new posts so I wouldn’t lose any back links from other sites or search engines. Oh yes, I also moved over the majority of non-spammy looking comments on the posts.

What I’m trying to tell you for those who think I just typed gibberish is that it was a very long, annoying, and time consuming task.


Bonus Information

  • Created a Friend Feed page.
  • I changed it so that Civin.ORG’s “permalink structure” shows instead of Civin.Org/wp/###, letting people more easily know what the post is about.
  • Advanced Permalinks is the best plugin I’ve found for setting up 301 redirects for changing permalink structures.
  • Redirection is the best plugin I’ve found for quickly setting up 301 redirects to an external website. Hey, same author for both!
  • Added an Archives Page which will currently show archives broken down by category and date. I’ll be making it fancier soon.
  • is currently running the MiniCard Theme

Changes Still To Make (Don’t Hold Your Breath)

Seriously don’t hold your breath this was mainly to give me a change of pace from just focusing on all of my projects. Now that I’ve had a couple of days break I must before all else dive back into them – with a vengeance.

  • Change Author Box picture used on Civin.ORG
  • Make a more useful Archives Page for Civin.ORG
  • Update the About Page on Civin.ORG
  • Update the About Page on
  • Update My Projects on Civin.ORG
  • Add an iScream Productions page to
  • Graphical overhaul of Civin.ORG
  • Graphical overhaul of

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